Farm Assurance Program

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Together with producers, partners and customers Manildra Meat Company has developed the Farm Assurance Program to meet the ever-changing demands of export and domestic markets. Manildra Meat Company’s Farm Assurance Programs provides stringent quality assurance control systems which provides certainty for producers, customers and partners that our products consistently meet domestic and international food safety, quality, and animal welfare and traceability regulations.

Manildra Meat Company producers who supply our premium programmes do not use hormones, antibiotics, or feed containing unnatural, genetically modified organisms.

Our Farm Assurance Program is an accredited Livestock Welfare system and meets Animal Standards with the Australian Meat Industry Council. Our product is also compliant with Livestock Production Assurance (LPA).

Grass-Fed Beef - Quality Assurance Program

Manildra Meat Company’s Grass Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program is designed to provide assurance to customers that our meat labelled as Grass Fed, is able to be traced back to verifiable production methods that substantiate the Grass Fed Claim.

It provides customers with assurance our product can be traced from paddock to plate and is guaranteed to be from animals fed and raised on grass.

Angus Verification Program

Manildra Meat Company is a member of The Angus Society of Australia, which promotes Angus beef products on the quality traits inherent to Angus beef, afforded to the product through the use of superior Angus genetics. Verification is conducted by Certified Angus Group.

The Manildra Angus Program is verified by third party independent verification, ensuring product integrity for our Australian Angus beef.