Our Innovation

Dick Honan

World-best practice processes are a pillar of our platform to be a global leader in the innovation of beef, lamb and value-added products derived from Australian producers.

We have maintained an ongoing investment program in our production facilities toward our goal of product quality, efficiency and maximising yield to produce superior products for domestic and export markets.

Manildra Group’s fully-resourced research and development facility is staffed by a diverse balance of highly-skilled scientists, engineers and food technologists who ensure Manildra Meat Company continually discovers new technology and utilises the most efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes available to develop superior meat products.

Our Innovation

Built in Sydney, NSW, as the foundation for our research and development efforts, the Technology Development Centre:
•creates new products and processes;
•models and improves existing production processes; and
•evaluates and recommends new production, technologies and trials.

Manildra Meat Company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond our advanced technology and research, to the social and economic fabric of rural and regional Australian communities where our Cootamundra facility employs hundreds of workers spanning generations of families.

We highly value our relationships with our workers, producers, suppliers, partners and customers – some of these relationships spanning the full six decades and four generations of our family company’s history.

We believe the continuation of our business is contingent on profitability balanced with sustainability. We intend to lead by example within our industries and will always act with integrity and fairness. Our business development will not come from the exploitation of others or the environment.