Animal health and product traceability

Dick Honan
John Honan (Managing Director)

At all stages of livestock handling, Manildra Meat Company is committed to the protection of the overall wellness and well-being of our livestock, including living conditions, veterinary care and proper handling.

Australia is one of the world leaders in high-quality beef and lamb production, with a relatively disease-free status. To maintain this ‘clean image’ Manildra Meat Company has implemented stringent quality-control systems and procedures including livestock identification and traceability, food safety, animal health, and surveillance, feeding and slaughter practices.

Manildra Meat Company has established tools and safeguards which assure food safety standards, identification and traceability of livestock, which includes National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). These measures guarantee meat safety, product integrity, market access and biosecurity purposes.

The NLIS traces livestock back to the property origin, identifies contact with other livestock and allow quality assurance and control measures to be implemented. Endorsed by major producers, saleyards, feedlots and processor bodies, NLIS is supported by State/Territory legislation which forms the regulatory framework for the system .