Livestock Handling

John Honan (Managing Director)
Livestock Handling - Lamb

We stand by what we sell.

Manildra Meat Company is committed to the safe production of our Australian beef, lamb and goatmeat. Direct from the paddock right through to our production facility, we are dedicated to the execution of proper handling techniques, ensuring the safety of our handlers and livestock while increasing animal well-being and safety.

Maintaining a low-stress environment for our livestock is paramount, as it can adversely affect the well-being of livestock and meat quality. Manildra Meat Company has implemented a stringent handling approach, movement, transport and restraining protocols.

Manildra Meat Company is supported by the Livestock Production Assurance Program (LPA), which adheres to stringent requirements of domestic and export markets, guaranteeing the safety of our Australian beef, lamb and goatmeat. Backed by our Quality Assurance Program, our on-farm practices meet the Livestock Assurance Program, guaranteeing safely produced product.